How we work

Guaranteed quality

New Copromo guarantees the suitability for human consumption of molluscs and compliance with microbiological and chemical parameters.

The processing flow, from receipt of goods to shipment, is implemented in such a way as to avoid any contamination of raw materials, packaging materials and finished products.

1. The product

The products, when fished, are picked up by the company staff in many ports of Upper and Middle Adriatic Sea, then they are transported to New Copromo by means of suited refrigerated vehicles.

Bivalve molluscs coming form A Areas are processed directly, while products form B Areas undergo the purification process before being processed.









2. The purification

Molluscs purification takes place in a closed-circuit system constituted by polyethylene tanks of high isothermal capacity and a perfect circulation flow, which allows a constant water oxygenation. The tanks are equipped with a grille on the bottom for the separation of products from sand and mud.

newcopromo casse scaled

3. Washing and Selection

Bivalve molluscs are washed with clean water, sorting by size, so as to be subsequently assessed in their weigh and packaged in a net bag equipped with the corresponding label.









4. Packaging and Labeling 

The staff with Quality Manager performs an accurate check on organoleptic conditions, labels and weight.

New Copromo ensures suitability for the human consumption of the molluscs and the respect of the established microbiological and chemical parameters.

newcopromo come lavoriamo confezionamento ed architettura

5 . Finished product Storage and Sale

The storage occurs in a very short period, to ensure the quality and freshness of the product.
Moreover, the product is kept at the facility for the minimum time required for sales operations to take place.